Online Radio Solutions
Online Radio Solutions
April  20th, 2011
Online Radio Solutions launches new website

Out with the old -- In with the new! We finally launched the new ORS website! hope you enjoy!

March 24th, 2011
New Big R Radio site in the works!

We've started working on the 2011-2012 Big R Radio website, a whole new look with added features are in store, stay tuned for more updates on the progress of the new Big R Radio!.

March 15th, 2011

ORS Gives Back.

More than 3 years now ORS has joined forces with other musical partners around the globe and giving to  please visit to find out how you can help.

We're all about our listeners

ORS believes that internet radio station programming should be tailored around it's listeners. Our goal is to hear every listener's wants and needs. Since a majority of our listeners are at work. 100% of our radio stations are work friendly. Accordingly, the ORS team strives to establish a unique, and positive internet radio experience for our listeners, this in turn; is attractive to office management teams around the world.

What does ORS have to offer?
Dozens of the highest quality radio streams on the net.
Office Friendly hit music without the explicit content.
Music tailored to everyone, from the classics to the latest.
A truly user friendly experience with maximum compatibility.

Ready to get listening?

Check out some of the online radio stations in our network by clicking here!

Online Radio Solutions